By: Fernando Gonzalez/Bellingham Metro News

BELLINGHAM, Washington.  Bellis Fair Mall, 4th Dimension Properties will be hosting a fathers day “Plastic Axe Throwing Event” on Saturday June 17th at 11:00 am.

“Dads bring your kids down for some plastic axe-throwing fun! Dads will partner up with each child individually to throw axes and score points. Dads can play one round with each of their children but will only get raffle tickets based on the highest result of one round for them and one round for one child, not for each child they play with. Each person will get 4 throws that willed be awarded points based on where on the target their axe sticks. The three best throws for each person will be used to score points. Points will be totaled for dad and child and then a number of raffle tickets will be given based on that score. The center circle (Bullseye) is worth 100 points, the inner ring is worth 50 points, the outer ring is worth 25 points and anywhere else on the board is worth 10 points. Participants must fill out their name and phone number on raffle tickets to be eligible to win a prize. Drawings for prizes will be held the following week and winners contacted by phone. If the writing on the ticket cannot be read, then another ticket will be pulled. Participants who wish to give their email address to be notified of other upcoming events will also get an additional two raffle tickets to enter for prizes in this event. The first 100 Dads to participate will also receive a Bellis Fair Coffee Mug.”

According to the announcement, Raffle tickets will be awarded for the following points, 0-100: 1 ticket, 100-200: 2 tickets, 200-400: 3 tickets or 400-600: 5 tickets.

The current prizes to be raffled away are 1st prize/grand prize: One Backyard Axe throwing Set, Approximate retail value $70, Runner up prizes: $25 Gift Card to Buffalo Wild Wings, $25 Gift Card to Buffalo Wild Wings, $25 Gift Card to Cinnabon.

Bellis Fair Mall was acquired by 4th dimension properties in December of 2022 after the previous owners, Brookfield Property Partners, defaulted on a $77 million loan.

Since then, the new ownership has taken steps to bring in a breath of fresh air including introducing more of a community-centered feel all around.

In late April, Bellingham Public Library expanded into Bellis Fair Mall, on May 16th Rock & Roll Sushi opened its highly anticipated restaurant at the food court.

Rock and Roll sushi is currently receiving almost-all five-star reviews on its Google listing with people saying great things about it

As someone who has had the privilege of knowing this talented team of sushi artists for a long time, I can confidently say that Rock & Roll Sushi has arrived in the heart of Whatcom County, in Bellingham, to provide us with an extraordinary culinary experience. From their beginnings in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have witnessed their growth, and now they have established themselves in the vibrant Bellis Fair Mall, becoming part of its exciting food fair.

Their journey reflects their passion and dedication in every aspect of their restaurant. From carefully selecting the freshest ingredients to the artistic presentation of each dish, everything is designed to offer a unique experience.

Rock & Roll Sushi shines in the heart of Bellingham, in Whatcom County, where the food fair at Bellis Fair Mall is a true culinary paradise. With their colorful and vibrant booth, they invite you to embark on a sushi adventure that will make you rock with pleasure.

Whether you are an experienced sushi lover or trying this Japanese delight for the first time, the team of sushi artists at Rock & Roll Sushi will guide you through a gastronomic journey full of surprises and delights. Their menu offers a wide variety of options, from classic rolls to innovative creations that combine fresh ingredients and bold flavors.

If you are looking for an exciting place in Bellingham, in the heart of Whatcom County, to enjoy sushi that will make you rock with pleasure, I invite you to visit Rock & Roll Sushi. Their passion for the art of sushi and the slogan “The Sushi that Makes You Rock with Pleasure” are at the core of their culinary experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting culinary story in Bellingham, in the heart of Whatcom County. We welcome you with open arms!” said Jesus Gonzalez

“Great sushi place, highly recommended the huancaina roll. Bellis Gair needed this.” said Chaanxe R

I had the most incredible experience at Rock & Roll Sushi in the Bellis Fair Mall food court! I decided to order the Kani Roll, the Rock & Roll combo, as well as a few other rolls and even tried the salmon wok. I was blown away by the quality of the food and how friendly and nice the staff were.

Despite being in a food court, Rock & Roll Sushi can definitely hang with other sushi places with the quality of their food. The Kani Roll was utterly delicious. Its thier take on a California Roll, which elevated the flavor to a whole new level. The Rock & Roll combo was also fantastic.

The staff was incredibly friendly, and their service exceeded my expectations. They made sure everything was perfect, and it was evident that they genuinely cared about making sure that I had the best dining experience possible.

Overall, I highly recommend Rock & Roll Sushi to anyone looking for excellent sushi in the Bellis Fair Mall food court. Despite being located in a casual dining area, the quality of their food and service can definitely hold up to the highest standards of sushi restaurants. The next time I’m in the area, I’ll undoubtedly be returning to Rock & Roll Sushi to get my sushi fix!” said Ronny Tull

Vancouver metro based Pizza restaurant is also in the process of opening its newest location at Bellis Fair Mall, read more about that here “Authentic Roman Pizza “Natalino’s Pizza” Opening in Bellingham“