SALISBURY, Md. – A new and very sweet store will be making its way to the Salisbury mall!

The Centre at Salisbury owners today announced that IT’SUGAR candy company is opening up shop at the mall. The shops have become of one the largest specialty candy stores in the world.

This is the latest effort by the new owners – 4th Dimension Properties – to breathe new life into the mall.

“This sugar store is gonna make maybe some of the customers a little more sticky and tend to stay at the mall a little bit longer,” explained Felix Reznick, the principal owner of the mall. “It’s a really high-end brand. I’m honored that they picked our Centre for an opening here.”

All of the changes that are on the way are in an attempt to increase foot traffic and boost business at the mall, according to Reznick who teased the coming of the new shop in an interview with 47 ABC back in August after the mall changed ownership.

“It’s one of my favorite candy stores,” Reznick said. “I urge people, if they wanna get a glimpse of the experience before the opening, to go on their website and maybe take a look at their location in Times Square – it’s not going to be quite the same, it’s a smaller spot, but it’s a good first start.”

There’s long been a stigma associated with the Centre at Salisbury, along with many malls across the country, that they’re ‘dying’ as business slows and stores leave; however, Reznik told us in an earlier interview that’s it’s far from the case when it comes to his properties.

“My malls don’t die,” Reznik said emphatically. “I purchased a mall back in December, it’s called the Bellis Fair mall in Washington State, and I urge the folks in Salisbury to google it and see what we’re doing there. We’ve ramped up so much that we basically have an event every month, and that’s my intent here.”

While it will take some time, Reznik said he plans to apply that same concept here in Salisbury which will see a plethora of events taking place at the Centre.

“We’ve had Valentine’s Day events, selfie stations, a very cool Mother’s Day event, axe throwing for Father’s Day,” Reznik said. “We just had a back to school event over there. We’re constantly doing things and we’re going to be constantly doing things here to attract people to the mall.”

Reznick said the new candy shop is just the first of many more businesses that will open up shop at the mall moving forward.

“We have a couple of others that we’re talking to,” Reznick explained. “Obviously, the plan is to bring in a nice, interesting mix. Less of just the old, which is perfectly fine, ya know, it’s great, but a little bit of something different and this is certainly something really different.”

The lease has been signed on the space for IT’SUGAR and the store should be open sometime in the next few months. You can get more information on the new candy store’s company to get an idea of what to expect by visiting their website –